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Kerrin Bradfield is an Accredited Clinical Sexuality Educator with the  Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd. She adheres to the Society’s  Code of Ethics and Practice.

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What's included:

  • 90-minute session

  • Handouts and resources

  • Charcuterie platter with a selection of cheeses (Participants supply own alcohol)

  • Available from Tweed to the Sunshine Coast.


  • $250 for up to 15 people

  • Additional charges may apply depending on location

Parents often avoid conversations about sexuality because they’re afraid of putting ideas into their child’s head or they’re worried they will say the wrong thing.


Getting a group of parents together to learn about these important conversations can help overcome the awkwardness and fear of talking about sexuality. 


At a Wine & Bees evening, participants explore:

  • talking about everything from private parts to puberty, and pleasure 

  • understanding sexual development

  • what's age appropriate 

  • how to answer tricky questions

  • the importance of being an open and askable parent

  • the impacts of pornography on young people

  • communicating the family’s values around respect, empathy, and equality


While it can feel awkward at first, persevering until you can speak comfortably about these topics has a whole range of long-term benefits for young people including:

  • clearer communication with doctors

  • establishing firm boundaries with adults and other kids 

  • delayed sexual activity

  • a greater ability to negotiate consent and pleasure with partners in later life