What We Do

Frank, Sex-positive, Fun, 

Non-judgemental, and Inclusive Sexuality Education!

The world is a confusing place. Finding accurate and supportive sexuality information can be quite difficult. 


The truth is most of us didn't really receive any sexuality education growing up. Perhaps you were given a book with a stork on the cover, or awkwardly handed a bag of pads, you might have even gotten a talk that made the whole thing seems scary.  


As adults, the messages we have gotten about sexuality from our families, friends, culture, religion, politics, society, media and so much more have all shaped our sexual selves.


Sometimes that works out ok and other times it can leave us wondering if we are normal. Just because lots of people might be having sex it doesn't mean lots of people are comfortable talking about or even really understand sexuality. 

what we believe

  • Sexuality is an important aspect of holistic wellbeing

  • Sexual rights are human rights

  • Sexuality education can change the world

  • Pleasure is for everyone

  • Consent is essential

  • Children have a right to be safe

  • Young people have a right to make mistakes

  • Sex ed must include gender and power dynamics

  • Pornography isn’t sexuality education for young people