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Kerrin Bradfield is an Accredited Clinical Sexuality Educator with the  Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd. She adheres to the Society’s  Code of Ethics and Practice.

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Skype support

Supporting you to support them

Parent's and caregivers play an important role in sexuality education. Creating an environment where a young person feels supported can have lifelong impacts on their wellbeing. 

Awkwardly, this can mean starting and continuing conversations that you yourself may never have had growing up.


Skype support sessions are designed to provide you with the information and skills you need for each development stage. It is also an opportunity to talk with a professional and receive advice about issues or behaviour that may be bothering you.

The topics are decided by you, and might include:

  • Teaching your child about body safety

  • Discussing masturbation

  • Explaining puberty and reproduction

  • Dealing with a young person's pornography use

  • Understanding your child's sexual and gender identity

  • Preparing them for sexual relationships

  • Contraception

  • Talking about abuse and violence

  • Identifying normal and problematic sexual behaviours


Sessions run for 1 hour each

Cost: $160 per hour