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Kerrin Bradfield is an Accredited Clinical Sexuality Educator with the  Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd. She adheres to the Society’s  Code of Ethics and Practice.

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My Approach

Frank! Sex-positive! Fun! Non-judgemental! Inclusive!


I am committed to providing a sex-positive, safe and inclusive service. Professionalism is at the centre of my work, however, talking about sex shouldn't be boring and the more we can embrace the sense of fun and playfulness found at its heart the more we advance our journey. The depths of my knowledge are evident in my work, blending evidence-based approaches with emerging understandings of digital sexualities, and a bit of humour. After all, not everything we experience as humans is so easily explained.


As an intersectional feminist, my work is also grounded in a strong commitment to sexual rights as human rights. I am an activist, advocate, and constant learner which shows through in a facilitation style that is inclusive, informed, and carries with it a strong wit and a passion for sexuality.

My work ranges from in-school and community education, trauma-informed health promotion and program development, policy writing and implementation, academia, and private practice.


Sexuality education is not just for kids. In fact, a majority of adults today received very little sexuality education during their own childhoods. Most people know something about sex but not everyone is comfortable talking about it or asking questions. This is why sexuality education is a crucial aspect of creating a healthy and active sexual life. It also highlights how important it is for professionals to work through and address some of their own bias around sexuality to improve care for their clients.


  • Adults who take part in sex education report experiencing increased intimacy, arousal & desire, a better understanding of their bodies and better orgasms. Who wouldn't want that! 

  • For teens, sexuality education can help them navigate adolescence. The research shows that young people who get quality relationships & sexuality education are more likely to use condoms, delay having sex, and are more satisfied in their relationships.


The internet can be a great resource but it doesn't provide tailored answers or help you discover what might work best for you and your situation. Pornography has become sexuality education for a lot of people but it sets an unrealistic standard of what sex is, and falls very short of how amazing sex and intimacy can be. 


Porn mocks the impossible distance between the reality presented and the reality experienced