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Kerrin Bradfield is an Accredited Clinical Sexuality Educator with the  Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd. She adheres to the Society’s  Code of Ethics and Practice.

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For Health Practitioners

Sexuality Education for practitioners provides interactive learning experiences on a diverse range of topics including understanding sexuality as a component of wellbeing, starting conversations with and clients when we feel uncomfortable, promoting sexual rights, and psychosexual assessment and sexual history taking. 


Gold Coast Sexology offers sexuality education workshops that address many of the factors influencing our lives, our sexuality, and our work.


Sessions are aimed at established practitioners however many of these sessions can be tailored to University students who are preparing to embark on careers in health, community services, social work, and education. 


GCSx provides:

  • Sexual Attitudes Reassessment & Restructuring (SAR)

  • Health Promotion and Planning that integrates and mainstreams sexuality and gender diversity

  • Working with diverse clients (LGBTIQA+)

  • Understanding the role of technology in the lives of our clients

  • Kink aware practice

  • Sexuality and illness (SPI, ABI, Cancer, Stroke, dementia, and age-related illness)

  • Improving confidence talking about sexuality with your clients

  • And more...​

For Education Practitioners

GCSx can work with your school to implement proactive approaches to a number of relevant classroom issues.


It is advisable that teachers (depending on year level) receive training in:

  • understanding sexuality

  • gender and sexual identity

  • attitudes and values

  • protective behaviours

  • normal sexual development

  • sexuality and disability

  • recognising and responding to problematic sexual behaviours

  • navigating culture and religion

  • promoting respect and sexual ethics

  • answering student questions about sex

  • creating trauma-informed spaces for vulnerable youth

  • dealing with pornography

  • gender-based violence

  • sexual relationships and consent in adolescence

  • and more


I also offer support and consultancy in developing policies regarding sexual and gender diversity, inclusion, the intersection of technology and sexuality, respectful relationships, and gender equality. 

1:1 Mentoring

Receive personalised guidance and support to improve your practice. 

Group Mentoring

Small group sessions to explore key challenges and opportunities in creating inclusive spaces.

Professional Development

1 - 8 hour sessions for up to 30 participants, focussing on a key learning area for your team.


Sexual Attitudes Reassessment & Restructuring.