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Kerrin Bradfield is an Accredited Clinical Sexuality Educator with the  Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd. She adheres to the Society’s  Code of Ethics and Practice.

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For Families

Many of us learnt about sexuality from our friends, a book, a health movie played in the school gym, TV, or for kids of today... the internet!


Parents and caregivers are the primary educators for kids in most areas and even when they don't talk about sexuality they are still sending a message. Sadly that message might be that it's shameful or secretive. Sexuality should be joyful, and whilst it's important to teach kids its private we should also help them understand that our sexuality is something to be celebrated.


In today's world, many young people report not learning much or having difficulty getting their questions answered about sexuality from their parents and carers. For lots of parents and carers, the main fears are saying something wrong or giving the child too much information.


Why is talking with young people about sexuality so difficult? What happens if we don't talk to them? 


The below programs are designed to support adults in having conversations that are empowering, fun, scientific, compassionate, and age appropriate. 

Wine, Cheese, Birds & Bees

Get a group of parents together for a fun and informative evening. 

skype consultation

One-hour skype consultation for parents and carers to discuss getting started, tricky topics, sexual development, and problem behaviours.

personalised resources

A personalised lesson plan, workbook, and videos for you and your child to complete. 


A four-session program designed to work with a young person who has been exposed to pornography or is currently having issues with sexual media.