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Kerrin Bradfield is an Accredited Clinical Sexuality Educator with the  Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd. She adheres to the Society’s  Code of Ethics and Practice.

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For Everyone

The world is a confusing place. Finding accurate and supportive sexuality information can be quite difficult. 


The truth is most of us didn't really receive any sexuality education growing up. Perhaps you got given a book with a stork on the cover, or awkwardly handed a bag of pads, you might have even gotten a talk that made the whole things seems scary.  


As adults, the messages we have gotten about sexuality from our families, friends, culture, religion, politics, society, media and so much more have all shaped our sexual selves. Sometimes that works out ok and other times it can leave us wondering if we are normal. Just because lots of people might be having sex it doesn't mean lots of people are comfortable talking about or even really understand it. 


Adult sexuality education is an opportunity to learn more about your own sexuality and in turn about yourself. Some education is held in a community forum, or at the bar, and other education is more individualised to address a specific issue or barrier that you may be facing. 


Individual and community education sessions focussing on unpacking the messages in pornography.

healthy relationships

Individual (or couple) education to explore what makes a healthy relationship and how to identify abuse. 



Individual education on sexuality, identity, and relationships including consent, safety, and sexual health.


Working with your organisation or group to develop a program or policy that promotes sexuality and relationships.