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Kerrin Bradfield is an Accredited Clinical Sexuality Educator with the  Society of Australian Sexologists Ltd. She adheres to the Society’s  Code of Ethics and Practice.

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Kerrin Bradfield


Working as a practitioner in health and/or education requires understanding and acceptance of sexuality as a core component of overall wellbeing.

Do you want to have 'the talk' with your kids but aren't sure what to say? Talking about sexuality (and pornography) with our children can feel scary and awkward but it doesn't have to be that way. 

My Approach

Sexuality should never be something we experience shame about. My approach is to give people permission to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas, fantasies, relationships, experiences, identities, and more to create a community of understanding.


As an intersectional feminist, my work is grounded in the commitment to sexual rights as human rights. I am an activist, advocate, and constant learner. My facilitation is inclusive, informed, and carries with it a strong wit and a passion for sexuality. 


Frankly, it's sex!

About me

I am a sexologist who specialises in sexuality and media. I have been working in the field of human sexuality for close to 20 years.


I have always been passionate about supporting people to have frank and honest conversations about sexuality. My Master's thesis focused on the impact of pornography on young people which is an issue I am still committed to addressing.

My work ranges from in-school and community education, trauma-informed health promotion and program development, academia, policy, and private practice. I am one of only a handful of accredited Clinical Sexuality Educators in Australia.


Sexuality Education covers a huge range of topics including protective behaviours, the lifecycle, relationships, pleasure, solo sex, disability, race, sexual health, inclusion, and more.

Working alongside an experienced sexologist and accredited sexuality educator can provide the advice and support your organisation needs to develop policy, address stigma and discrimination, implement curriculum topics, and join the growing movement of people who recognise sexual rights as fundamental to wellbeing. 

Policy development

Inclusive Classrooms


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 I recommend this training for any clinician working in the field of sexology as a challenging, educational, provocative and insightful package that will improve the way you process values, systems, stigma and power on the topic of sexuality.

Deep Dive SAR Participant, 2019